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Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund is a Parastatal of the Adamawa State Government established by Law No. 10 of December 2008. Modern challenges in educational financing in the wake of geometric rise in students´┐Ż population, the Boko Haram insurgency and dwindling government finances compelled the Adamawa state government to critically reexamine its role in providing students bursaries, special and full scholarships, and students loans at both local and international levels.

It is against this back ground that the state government found it necessary to reposition its scholarship apparatus to face reality. Thus, the emergence of ASSTF whose functions and powers include:

(a) source for funds and scholarships from within and outside Nigeria.

(b) award scholarship to eligible indigenes of the state.

Adamawa state is one of the 6 North Eastern states in Nigeria devastated by Boko Haram insurgency. There are over 9,000 internally displaced students spread across both basic and tertiary educational levels, who earnestly need special scholarship support. As a result, scholarship burden under special scholarship scheme has risen enormously to an alarming state requiring swift response. In the course of discharging its mandate, the ASSTF is also expected to appropriately utilize funds credited to it from various sources, in accordance with the Law establishing the Trust Fund. This Law at Part IV, 12(h) provides that the ASSTF shall:

invest excess money standing to its credit or savings in securities specified in Trustees Investment Act 1962 or such securities as may from time to time be suggested by the Board for approval of the Governor.

The ASSTF shall thereafter, use proceeds/dividends from 12(h) above to effect payment of scholarship allowances to eligible candidates.

The ASSTF started skeletal services in 2009. Its operations were put under a pilot scheme in which the state government set a 5 years target for the Trust Fund to attain a break-even. The 2014 target set was put at risk in 2013 by the deadly Boko Haram insurgency, and consequently totally shattered by full scale war. The insurgency was characterized by annexation of territories, incessant suicide bombings and massive attacks on civilian targets. Streets of major cities and towns over run by the insurgents were littered with dead bodies of innocent civilians. The state government had to redirect all its resources and attention towards provision of relief materials and other humanitarian services alongside alternative security measures for the growing numbers of civilian casualties. The foresight and tireless efforts of Engr. (Dr.) Umar B. Bindir -SSG Adamawa State, who is as well the overseer of the ASSTF, have modified the means of responding to complex challenges of scholarship for a society ravaged by a world class deadly insurgency.